We are generating wealth for the African diaspora, the global marketplace, and we are ethical and open in an unprecedented way. A time has come to decentralize economics and get the power of our inherence back on track. As it is written "first will be last and last first". 

Issuer Services

Decentralized Assets


We give you the independence you need to digitize your assets and manage your net worth in your own wallet. Keep it in a safe place and if you lose it you will not lose your information. 

Decentralized Credit


We give you the opportunity to get credit that is measured by your asset value but keep your assets separate from your credit. A value wallet that lets you plan your life with the benefit of leverage over your own assets. 

Decentralized Currency


You are the master of your currency value to use as you please when you please, and still manage the inflows and outflows while deciding the true cost of your asset depreciation and appreciation. 

Decentralized Digital Identity


Your digital identify is decentralized to the point you decide that it is, you determine what and when and who has access to your information. 

Decentralized Assets


If you are a business, a not for profit, a government agency or a church. Determine your asset classes and decentralize inflow and outflow value at your free will. 

What You Need To Know


We will endeavour to tell you how we organize our work, self govern, and how you can validate the processes of what we do for you and for all concerned.