In the news

Beyond 100 Days is the BBC’s flagship transatlantic news show which goes to air each week, Monday through Thursday, presented by the award winning journalists Katty Kay (in Washington) and Christian Fraser (in London). We cover global news with a particular focus on the USA, UK and Europe at this time of great international change.   Each week, we talk to leading international figures: Our guests have included the IMF’s Christine Lagarde, Alan Greenspan of the Federal Reserve, Israel’s Ehud Bara

The Scoop Interview - Entrepreneurship Journey

Storytelling the African Entrepreneuer journey by The Scoop! Never told like this before...

On scaling companies

The SME sector in Kenya and East Africa accounts for approximately 90% of all firms and accounts for as much as 60% of jobs. Now Kenyan entrepreneur Njeri Rionge wants to bring together African entrepreneurs, SMEs and investors. ABN's Samantha Loring crosses to our studios in Nairobi to discuss this in more detail with her.