Our Sector Focus & Private Equity Interests


Technology as an enabler

  • Digital innovation in Sub Sahara Africa (SSA) is being driven by the explosion in mobile phone usage
  • Africa is at the forefront of FinTech with 58% of the world’s 174 million active registered mobile money accounts 
  • FinTech in Africa is predicted to grow from US$200 million to US$3.0 billion by 2020


Education as a capacity building catalyst

  • Fast population growth, emergence of the middle class, rapid urbanization, and increasing adoption of technology are all key drivers in a growing education market in Sub Sahara Africa (SSA)
  • Student enrolment is expected to rise to 260 million across SSA by 2021, from 197 million in 2013
  • Primary and secondary enrolment would account for about 80% of the incremental enrolments 
  • This would translate to a requirement of US$50 billion in capital expenditure 


AgriBusiness as the economic advocate...

  • Agriculture and agribusiness together account for nearly half of GDP in Africa, while the market is set to top US$1.0 trillion in 2030 
  • Africa represents more than one-quarter of the world’s arable land, while generating only 10% of global agricultural output, highlighting a huge growth upside potential
  • Africa uses only 2% of its renewable water resources compared to a 5% global average

Cities In The Sun

Renewable Energy A Force for Good


The perspective on Africa is misunderstood, always!

Innovation and Evolution


If you are an entrepreneur the opportunities in Africa should move you. An investor, you would have to be super ignorant to avoid getting on the bus this time around. Read McKinsey's report on Africa's evolution here.

Africa is the size of US, China, India and Europe


Do the math, or check your stats on population, landmass and compare. Another reason why you want to get off your comfort zone and invest in Africa's private equity to support investors gain value in this day and age of low returns. 

Why It Matters

Entrepreneurs Supporting Entrepreneurs

We have been on the other side of the deal flow and understand only too well the challenges our investee companies are up against in this process of engaging investment managers and entrepreneurs.

We are diverse and global citizens


Our Pan African interests are aligned and focused while leaning on international standards and leveraging our contacts across continents.

Our values must align at all times


It is in our value systems that success will be achieved and we realize the need to listen at all times.