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Why Us?


We leverage succession planning, for family-owned, growth-focused businesses, for a circular sustainable economy of scale investments, in Sub Sahara Africa.

We help privately owned  businesses with the capital, talent, and expertise they need to drive growth and realize their potential.

We are supported by accredited institutional investor’s, leading banks and insurance companies, we have an Eastern and Southern African mandate to provide long-term, patient capital to entrepreneurs pursuing growth and expansion strategies.

Collective Success


UCAFAC is an independent, values-driven partner for teams committed to taking their business to the next level.

We view our investments as partnerships. As a private equity investor, the teams that we back and the relationships we build with them are fundamental to our collective success.

When we invest, we take a long-term view and treat the relationship seriously from day one. We are diligent and methodical but strive to be pragmatic and collaborative to keep companies focused on their operations. To realize their full potential, companies need more than capital.

Partnership Approach


When UCAFAC invests, we bring our team’s experience in business strategy, investing, and corporate finance, as well as a talent network that can help entrepreneurs overcome critical knowledge and talent gaps that will likely arise as their businesses expand.

We help by supporting our partners and letting them do what they do best – run their business – and we focus on adding value where we can. Where we invest, we follow a partnership approach, directed by self-control in all we do – adding value through relationships and strategic counsel, listening and understanding before we act, and making sure that we are properly aligned on control, strategy, and exit horizon. 

Our Approach

Our Vision

UpCountry Africa Proven Country Structure Continent Map

UCAFAC’s vision is to become Pan Africa’s leading growth capital investor and partner of choice for ambitious mid-market entrepreneurs, supporting and scaling them across the regions trading block.

Our Mission Statement

UpCountry Africa's Value Proposition

To provide patient capital and strategic counsel to mid-market Pan African businesses to support their growth, by building internal capacity, through succession planning, helping them reach their full potential and foster innovation, while earning market returns for all our stake-holders.

UCAFAC seeks to invest in dynamic mid-market companies with $3 million or more in annual revenue, a demonstrated growth trajectory, and a clear vision for accelerated growth. We target growing companies across industries.

We will invest in women owned, women focused fast moving consumer goods, and implement a circular sustainable economy around our six identified sectors to enhance value; and create solutions in refuse for reuse, recycled products, and protect the environment, improve renewable energy returns for our stakeholders as part of our social responsibility.

UCAFAC is developing a network of business leaders and industry experts that have a passion for growth and helping companies succeed.

UCAFAC was structured so we could take a long-term and patient approach with our investments. Accomplishing great things takes time.

In everything we do, we strive to be fair and reasonable, to exercise discipline when making decisions, and to treat all our stakeholders with mutual respect.


Building value through innovation & technology. 

Our Core Values

UpCountry Africa Investment Journey


We conduct ourselves with integrity, personally and professionally. We do what is right and fair in all our interactions. We believe that this is the only way to conduct business, and this will allow us to build lasting relationships and create enduring success for our investors and private equity partners while bridging finance, impact for all.


We strive for excellence in all we do and to surpass expectations. We will not be limited by convention and will find a better way where possible. We are dedicated to reaching our full potential by helping our investee companies reach theirs.


We believe in what we are doing. We have a passion for entrepreneurship, for supporting Pan African businesses and for helping them grow. We all joined UCAFAC to inspire, to be inspired, and to have a positive measurable impact on our investee companies, our employees, and our shareholders.


We are accountable for the decisions we make, regardless of their outcome. We take ownership and understand the magnitude of our commitment to our shareholders, our investee companies, and each other.


We are in a partnership with our suppliers, shareholders, our investee companies, and our employees. We have common goals, find strength in working together and show mutual respect always. We believe that listening to each other and having open, direct and transparent communication yields the best results.

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